About us

We have operated incessantly since 2000. We are a design firm with many years of experience in preparing documentation within the scope of architecture and building construction as well as in the scope of comprehensive construction and detailed design. We prepare designs across all lines of business and specializations (architecture, building construction, water and sewer installations, central heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, gas system, electrical wiring and telecommunication systems). We cooperate with experienced designers, civil engineers and construction supervision inspectors. Furthermore, we maintain constant cooperation with computer networks designers, road and site designers, landscape designers, acousticians, nutrition, production and warehouse technicians as well as experts in fire safety, occupational health and safety and sanitary standards, etc. We choose to work with professionals, people with experience and ambition, who can exploit in their work the latest scientific achievements in the field of design.

We are reliable and competent due to our many years’ professional practice; moreover, we always meet our deadlines and approach every Client individually. The designs we create are not only functional and adjusted to the terrain and prevailing conditions, but also unique and of high aesthetic quality. In our building designs, we apply both traditional and innovative functional and building construction solutions.

We maintain our contact with the Investor from the moment we undertake to participate in creating the design, through obtaining the building permit, to our author’s supervision over the execution of the project.

While designing the projects, we make a point of adopting functional, safe and economic solutions and, above all, of tailoring them to the needs of the people who will be using them.

We are very experienced in using computer software to prepare our designs. We create 2D and 3D presentations, draft and building permit drawings and documents in original versions of computer programmes such as Autodesk, Adobe and Corel. We illustrate our designs by means of 3D computer graphics, which allows us to select the most suitable form and materials already in the design stage.

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